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By By Steven Shmerler - Tuesday, March 03, 2015
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A Website for a Ghost Writer, Author, Actress

We loved working on Andrea Cagan's website. Andrea is an author and needed a website that gave voice to her work and also a blog so she could/can stay active with her existing clients and potential clients.

Being a writer, Andrea needed a platform to post her thoughts about her current ideas and also a format for expressing her ideas for existing ideas and concepts. 

Our websites are Content Management System based which means you can manage your content yourself  and add and edit it without our doing it it. She dove right in and after a few lessons which we provide, Andrea became a pro at posting her own blogs and posts one every Monday including adding a picture! Andrea didn't have any website management prior to us building her site and teaching her how to update her content which speaks to the ability of our ease of use as she wasn't tech savvy before we trained her.

Like Sundahl's Website, her Testimonial says a lot about the ease of using our site builds. We love the way her site turned out and are very pleased with how happy Andrea is with her website and her ability to manage it's content. Thank you Andrea!

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Steven Shmerler has been the leader in this organization and coupled with our strategic partners we have found a winning combination that never fails to succeed. We work very hard to understand our customer's needs and make their websites happen just the way the imagine them. Haling from years of experience overseeing the graphics departments in the entertainment industry has served him well to grant him status and command of the both graphic design and client satisfaction to an award winning level. Our testimonials speak to this nicely, which we ask you to review thoroughly.