Adrienne Alitowski


Adrienne Alitowski

A Website to Promote a Book for an Author

As a new mom, Adrienne Alitowski invented, patented and manufactured blankyclip and sold then nationally in Buy Buy Baby, as well around the world. Now she has an upcoming book to promote and she hired us to produce her site. 

She came to us wanting to "fix" her Wordpress website.  She had just paid to have it built and the developer left before it was finished, leaving it unmanagable and unmarketable. 

Rather than take the time to fix her new broken site, we felt we could design her a much better site in less time on the Wix CMS platform.  Within one week had this site launched and had her trained to enjoy and market her site as she so had desired to. 

Within days of the launch we were already contacted by several other authors who need exactly what we designed, developed and published for Adrienne.

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