Stone Construction Company


Stone Construction Company

A Website for a Los Angeles General Contractor

John Stone, Owner of Stone Construction Company in Los Angeles, CA came to us to build a new website to boost his brand name recognition and improve the visibility of his company in search engines.

As an integral part of his new site, catering to John's need to maintain a gallery of work himself, we developed a great tool using the Wix CMS framework.  The customized site and content database manager will allow him the control to easily create, maintain, update and catalog his portfolio of before, during and after photography so visitors can see some of the amazing home remodels and commercial developments he's completed for his clients.

Unlike 3rd-party, out-of-the-box Wordpress plugins, the Wix provides me maximum flexibility to create customized webistes, allowing me to deliver to our clients exactly what they want and need. No more searching for and trying out plugins, no more tracking down the long-lost developer to answer your questions, no more having to resort to a tedious empty forum, or continuously having to update those plug-ins every few months. Native to the website platform itself, each WebApp is a mini database that can be used for various functions such as John's photo gallery, a company directory, or real estate listings. In some cases, you may want your website content to be updated by the general public such as a registry or form. We are excited to be able to provide low-cost, agile and easy to maintain functionality to all my clients' unique content management needs.

Stone Construction Company was established in 1980. It's a custom residential remodeling and building company providing the highest quality construction services. Their primary goal is to give you the project you have envisioned at the agreed price in a timely manner. John and his team strive to make your remodel a smooth and enjoyable process.

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