Our Website development process consists of three main phases: Consultation, Design and Production. We walk our clients through each step of the way to ensure that projects are completed in a timely manner and to the satisfaction. 


During Consultation we learn about your needs, business, market, competition, target audience, content and desired delivery date. With this information, we write a detailed Design Document which includes: our analysis, recommendations, features, technology, flowchart, page list, production schedule and project cost. Upon approval, Consultation is complete and the Design and Production phases begin.

Consultation is billed hourly and typically ranges from 2 to 10 hours depending on the complexity and size of your site. Production cost is project based.


The site design architecture and specs derived from our Consultation are documented in the Design Document, our Production bible, which is a product in and of itself.

After you approve the Design Doc, Production begins and we begin developing graphic ideas for the "look and feel" of your site (comps).

Using these comps as a starting point, you make comments, we review them with you and make any adjustments or changes to craft the look and feel that satisfies your goals and needs. Once the homepage is approved, the subpage comp(s) is/are provided in similar fashion.


Website Design and Development projects under a fixed cost / budget are broken into three separate phases, creating three distinct milestones at which a certain amount of work is accepted and paid for. Each milestone is set up to ensure satisfaction with the work before moving on to the next and by doing so the final results of the project will be a favorable one.

Upon acceptance of project, signing of purchase order, acceptance of terms and conditions of service, and a deposit payment being made, project will then commence and you will be assigned a project manager.

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