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Website Maintenance

We build your website using a Content Management System (CMS) which best suits your business needs, allowing you to maintain and market yourself with ease. However, some of our clients are busy and need us to do the actual updating and additions which we are happy to do and will provide you with a budget if you prefer that we do what's called, "Maintenance" of your Website.

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"17 years ago, Los Angeles adopted a new City Charter including the creation of Neighborhood Councils. There are currently 97 in the Greater LA area. One of the first to form was Hollywood Hills West NC.

Steven Shmerler designed and maintained the first HHWNC website for 14 years until the city mandated the use of their vendors. That created a stressful situation for HHWNC, not only to start from scratch, but to end a successful relationship of so many years. Steven was available to us 24/7 even when he was in a different time zone. He was always helpful and participatory as he took the time to understand the business we conduct as well as the 23 personalities on the boards with whom he had to work.

Personally, as president of HHWNC for the past 15 years, I can and do attest to his genuine concern and dedication to serving and servicing our account and our ever-changing needs. This was not a static site. It was constantly changing with updates and alterations to correspond to results of frequent meetings of the board and its 19 committees. It is my pleasure to recommend Steven Shmerler and SASNET."

— Anastasia Mann, President Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council

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