SASNET Design has been in business since 1979 and have satisfied and delighted out clients over the years. Please review our specifics below to get a sense of the kind of company we are and what you will enjoy getting from us on your project.

Website development is based on the integration of your marketing needs with our creative and technological knowledge of user interface design, navigtation, information architecture, Website design, graphics, programming, database, marketing and eCommerce solutions.


Our Website development process consists of three main phases: Consultation, Design and Production.

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Steven Shmerler

Steven Shmerler has been the leader in this organization and coupled with our strategic partners we have found a winning combination that never fails to succeed. 

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Strategic Partners

SASNET Design has been fortunate to work with highly talented and successful strategic partners over the years that have helped us develop fantastic project sites as you'll see.  

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Client List

We develop websites for a variety of customers of all different types. We specialize at understanding our various client's type of business and importantly their needs in order to create a website specifically for them and their business. Click Learn More to see some of our clients listed from entertainment to doctors to government and more!

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We have been fortunate to work with fantastic clients over the years and feature some of their testimonies in the Learn More section below from contractors to local government committees and all between. We pride ourselves on an excellent working relationship with our clients during and after their projects are completed as you'll see.

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